Forum Add-ons, sections, etc.


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I know we have some more upgrades and so forth coming soon, but I wanted to mention the need for a couple of new features since we are going to be expanding.

'Other Games' section:
We need a new section so we can discuss and plan and add more gaming capacity to our community here. Don't know if we would have to break it down into subsections like FPS, RTS, Mods, etc..

'Announcements' section:
We need this so that we can announce important information. It would be helpful to have a flasher box up top so the info is posted and scrolled so people don't have to go into a section to read it. As not everyone does this since we have a shoutbox :roll: However the shoutbox doesn't keep important messages refreshed for all to see. All in all, just a simple box the global moderators can edit so if a server is down for updating, or one server is down, we can simply post that and everyone can reading without having to spam the shoutbox the same answer over and over. Would be rather helpful.


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I've thought about that Varg... will hopefully be implementing some sort of a "live" announcement box, that can be edited by any mod and shows on the top of the index page.

Other Games section is a good idea too. :)


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Many i also suggest a PROBLEMS section? that'd be very nice seeing that i can't connect to server recently


Gateship, the normal IP is not working at the moment. Use this one: for build, and for pvp.

The Current Map thread is there for posting problems, hence the description:
"Is the map glitching? Tell us where. Think it's time for a restart? Start up a vote!"



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While I can't give you specifics, I can tell you that the forum layout will be a little different. Things will be easier to find, while allowing more content based on a variety of things.
It's quite a nice upgrade from what we have now :D


My one concern with the new forum system, is the apparent home button which takes you to the brands website. Hopefully that only happens on the demo version, and not on the new forum once its up. Will we get an ETA on the new forum? :ugeek:


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That was only for the demo. The intention for that link is a main homepage. Not sure how we are going to work that out, but it's up to Spike on that one. He has plans to work on getting everything working tonight and maybe put it live. Very very soon in any case. :)

Edit: It won't be complete as soon as it goes live tho. We can't fully make adjustments to the live site until we actually have it on live with our current content uploaded. So over the next week or so we'll be making changes and adjustments to the site until we can get comfortable with the look and feel of it, along with our goals.