Found home looted/grieved today.


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Logged on today to find my place looted and grieved. I haven't been on for several days (week or two?) so I'm not sure when it happened. Stolen: two FULL double chests of stone steps and another double chest that had about 192ish coal and other misc wood, sticks, tools, etc. Then they proceeded to use said stolen items to build a bridge across the lake and a small room up in the sky. Grieved: my place was absolutely nothing big or impressive, but they knocked out the front wall, about half of the stairs, and then flooded the place with water in several places. They also dug up my "front yard" and made little streams through it.

Here's the good part: they actually left a sign with their name, "henrik", and two others that said "Sry about this from the polis" and "you have too many things so sorry".

Here's the better part (and I hope they're reading this): they DIDN'T find the chest I had hidden containing the "good" stuff... about 25 diamond, 30+ gold, 100+ silver, and a ton of redstone. Good job on the grieving you moron, you didn't find everything! Ha!

This was the first time I'd logged on since I VIP'ed... guess I did it a little too late!

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