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    Ghast Explores the Overworld (Book 1): Life in the Overworld
    My name is General Ghast. I worked my hardest to become the leader of the Nether army so I could lead my great nation to victory against the Overworld army. Now that I’ve won the war, my government gets to take some of the resources from the Nether. The only problem is that mobs from the Nether don’t spend a lot of time in the Overworld, so we actually have no idea of what we should take. That’s why it is my job to explore the Overworld and find out what is worth taking and what we should leave to the humans and other mobs that live here. Sadly, the government doesn’t exactly trust me to do this alone, so they’re making me team up with a puny human girl. I have a feeling this trip around the Overworld isn’t going to be what I expected...
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    Wimpy Villager 15: Trash the Dungeon (Part II)

    Runt and Breeze have been sent outside the wall.
    The hardships they face strengthen them, and teach them about what life is like in the Overworld.
    Yet, there's another reason why they were sent. A secret closely guarded by the village council. Only when they finally learn the truth do they realize just how much harder their lives with become . . .

    The 15th installment of the Wimpy Villager series. 17,000 words, 50+ pictures.
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    Diary of a Minecraft Hero Book 1: A Lost Hero

    Do not read this book! This is the most boring book in the world! Inside, you will find no excitement, no danger and definitely no adventure. In fact, do not even read the rest of this description, it will only bore you and probably send you to sleep.

    When a Minecraftian wakes up without his memories, he struggles in this strange, new world. His first night is spent sleeping in a tree, but soon he has a shelter and a pig for a best friend. Then comes the dream. A dream which will change his life forever, and the life of Gladys the pig. A dream which will change everything!

    P.s. this book is not fun!
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    Diary of a Minecraft Steve the Warrior Book 2
    This Diary has over 11,000 words with 25 pictures!

    Steve the warrior and Alex the archer are back. The invasion continues but this time it is a strange new Minecraft monster making all the trouble. Will building a wall help protect the village? Follow along in their adventure in this diary of a wimpy kid inspired unofficial Minecraft series.

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