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    Ghast Explores the Overworld (Book 1): Life in the Overworld
    My name is General Ghast. I worked my hardest to become the leader of the Nether army so I could lead my great nation to victory against the Overworld army. Now that I’ve won the war, my government gets to take some of the resources from the Nether. The only problem is that mobs from the Nether don’t spend a lot of time in the Overworld, so we actually have no idea of what we should take. That’s why it is my job to explore the Overworld and find out what is worth taking and what we should leave to the humans and other mobs that live here. Sadly, the government doesn’t exactly trust me to do this alone, so they’re making me team up with a puny human girl. I have a feeling this trip around the Overworld isn’t going to be what I expected...
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    Wimpy Villager 15: Trash the Dungeon (Part II)

    Runt and Breeze have been sent outside the wall.
    The hardships they face strengthen them, and teach them about what life is like in the Overworld.
    Yet, there's another reason why they were sent. A secret closely guarded by the village council. Only when they finally learn the truth do they realize just how much harder their lives with become . . .

    The 15th installment of the Wimpy Villager series. 17,000 words, 50+ pictures.
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    Diary of a Minecraft Hero Book 1: A Lost Hero

    Do not read this book! This is the most boring book in the world! Inside, you will find no excitement, no danger and definitely no adventure. In fact, do not even read the rest of this description, it will only bore you and probably send you to sleep.

    When a Minecraftian wakes up without his memories, he struggles in this strange, new world. His first night is spent sleeping in a tree, but soon he has a shelter and a pig for a best friend. Then comes the dream. A dream which will change his life forever, and the life of Gladys the pig. A dream which will change everything!

    P.s. this book is not fun!
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    Diary of a Minecraft Steve the Warrior Book 2
    This Diary has over 11,000 words with 25 pictures!

    Steve the warrior and Alex the archer are back. The invasion continues but this time it is a strange new Minecraft monster making all the trouble. Will building a wall help protect the village? Follow along in their adventure in this diary of a wimpy kid inspired unofficial Minecraft series.
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    The Villager Detective Diaries (Book 1): Missing Chickens

    Detective Jones is on the case for the very first time, which means that she has a lot to learn. In her ten years of life, Detective Jones, or Jewels, as her parents call her, has been reading every mystery novel that she could get her hands on. Since she had only learned how to read five years ago, she hadn’t actually read much, but she had read enough to know that there was something weird going on in her village. Other Villager’s chickens were disappearing every day, and no one knows who was behind it. The local police didn’t think much of the crimes, which meant that it was up to Jewels and a couple of friends she made along the way, to solve the case. Like any mystery, there’s a decent amount of danger that comes with the job, but Jewels is up for it. She’s also up for writing it all down in her diary, The Villager Detective Diaries: Missing Chickens.
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    Minecraft diary: Diary of a Creeper: The Potion Brewer (Creeper Diaries Book 1)
    Journey into the unbelievable world of Minecraft and follow the lonely
    Creeper in search for the mysterious Potion Brewer.

    Take a look inside and meet up with the main character as he faces the world he lives in, its inhabitants and the adventure that’s waiting for him.

    Dive into the engaging life of Creeper and experience the greatest journey ever told in The World of Cubes.

    Adventure awaits you! Jump in now, only if you dare!
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    Minecraft: Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Villager Book 1: Basement Blast (An Unofficial Minecraft Diary Book)
    When a school blows up its basement, two worlds are about to collide...

    Lewis is just like any other boy – except he's half zombie. He's about to start his first day at middle school. Little does he know that he's about to get an education at the school of hard knocks, too. Pensive, reserved Lewis is not enthused when his human classmates treat him like an outcast for being half zombie. Good thing he has his loyal friend Sebastian in tow.

    Sebastian does his best to stick up for his buddy, but to the two friends' dismay, the human children just won't warm up to Lewis. That is, until the day the children are ushered out of the school and informed by the principal that a legion of zombies is living in the basement! After careful consideration, the school turns to Lewis to negotiate with the zombies, hoping he can persuade them to leave. Suddenly, everything is in young Lewis' hands. How will the zombies react to a half human zombie? What do they want with the school? You'll have to read Basement Blast to find out!

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    Being Herobrine (Book 1): Wrongly Accused

    Book 1: Wrongly Accused

    “And I believe I know what I can do to have my revenge against those residents: I will become a griefer!”

    Revenge isn’t a good thing, but it could be the only thing you can think of especially when your heart is filled with anger.

    Mark is just a simple player who’s trying to survive the Minecaft world. When he got the chance to live in a peaceful village, strange things started happening, and eventually lead to him being kicked out from the place.

    Mad with the unfair treatment he got, Mark decided to have his vengeance. He became a griefer and caused so much trouble and chaos to the village.

    What Mark didn’t know is that there is someone out there watching his every action. And this time, it will be Mark who’s going to pay for all his wrongdoings!

    • Who is this mysterious creature watching him?
    • And how will he make Mark pay for what he did?
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    The Friendly Creeper Diaries: The Moon City (Book 4): The Underground City

    After saving his village from Lucas, the creeper king who lived in the Nether, Mike has wanted nothing more than to unwind at home. Turning down the chance to be mayor, he works on collecting books and forming a library.
    However, his best friend, David, isn’t as content to settle down. Still yearning for adventure, he believes that all legends can be true – he just has to find the right one.
    When David discovers that there might be another city underneath the Sun City, he is excited to go explore. Even though Mike just wants to relax, he doesn’t want his best friend to run into any danger without some help.
    Together, the friends head towards the Sun City. But Mike quickly discovers there might be more truth to this legend than the other ones that David had dragged him along to explore. With the king possibly not being the man they thought he was, and the appearance of a strange girl, the friends quickly find themselves in over their heads.
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    Minecraft: Diary of a Minecraft Noob Steve Book 1
    When mysterious fires destroy lives and homes, it might just be time to turn up the heat…

    Things aren't looking good for Noob Steve. After his house is destroyed by mysterious fires that have been occurring, he finds himself in more hot water after saving the general's daughter, Jillian, from harm's way. Good natured, adventure loving Steve and studious, responsible Jillian become fast friends and embark on an underground adventure.

    However, Noob Steve and Jillian may have bitten off more than they can chew, because they have stumbled upon the real cause of the recent mysterious fires and it is now up to them to set things right. With the help of a talking Enderman, Steve and Jillian are about to have the biggest adventure of their lives. What is causing the mysterious fires? Can Steve and Jillian save the day in time? Only time will tell when you read Mysterious Fires.

    A fantastic read for the whole family, Mysterious Fires is full of page turning adventure and charming illustrations. This book is sure to engage any child, even those adverse to reading!
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    The Friendly Creeper Diaries: The Relics of Dragons (Book 7): Possessed by Herobrine

    Book 7: Possessed by Herobrine

    Mike has been living quietly in his creeper village. Currently working as a trader, far away from the king and his court, he has put the events of Lucas the Creeper King and the Moon City behind him.

    Or so he thought. Adventure seems to be knocking on his door once again.

    When Mike’s creeper friend, Alex, goes missing, he sets out to find him. Yet a sudden storm changes everything and sets him on a new quest.

    Dealing with water temples, a missing friend, and a legend about a mysterious figure that once caused a civil war, Mike finds himself trying to stop the danger before it threatens to take control of the Overworld.

    Will he be successful or is it too late to save Alex and the world?

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    Diary Of A Wimpy Ash 1 (Animal Diary)Not Every Trainer Starts as a Warrior

    Ash is a lot of things.... weak, frail, wimpish, feeble, soft, cowardly, and more than anything... he's a Trainer who can't catch. So naturally, he became known as a wimp.

    His Friends stayed away from him.

    His Neighbors don't want to be seen near him.

    Ash just wants to be left alone.
    But what was the most awful thing about his journey to becoming a Great Trainer? Scott Tenorman. He might describe himself as an anti-wimp, but that would be an understatement. He caused Ash Huge amounts of PAIN.

    When his dad who is a Legendary Trainer finally decided to pay Ash a visit, Ash finally had a way of transforming himself into a Master Trainer.

    Becoming a Master isn't easy. It means a lot of Training and Studying catching Techniques and Strategies harder than ever before!

    Can Ash transform himself into a Great Trainer before his dad leaves for good - and finally stand up to Scott himself?

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