Fun/weird things found in 1.2.3

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  1. eaglestallon

    eaglestallon Server Administrator Staff Member

    Hello all! I know you have played the update for a while and was wondering if you have found and taken pics of interesting things in game (like that pig up in the tree) Make sure you put a caption under it of what you might have been thinking when you first saw it. I'll start it out.

    *gasp gasp....."phew...I'm glad I brought my torches and my good armor and sword!"

    Also guys something that Kotah found out, you can stack your chests!
    "Yes!!! this makes storage so much more compact!"
  2. micko888

    micko888 MCCC Sprite Artist/Designer

    Darn and I just cleared out my screenshot folder :(
  3. Marine05

    Marine05 Server Moderator Staff Member

    About stacking chests, that was possible in 1.1 as well. Feel free to check out my house in survival next time ya see me on. I coulda sworn some of ya'll (mods) saw it already at my house. Ill see if i can screenshot my setup, works out really well and can still be locked. Ill edit this with some pics a little later.
    2012-03-18_11.31.36.png 2012-03-18_11.31.44.png 2012-03-18_11.32.36.png
    All the chests are locked from behind so you dont have the sign getting in the way when clicking.
  4. dunkeroni

    dunkeroni Retired Melon

    Lol, yeah, I've been stacking chests every since they changed the box sizes. Seems the game doesn't recognize it as a solid block any more, so the lower chest can still open.
    I believe that the chests in my donations building in Build are stacked that way.
  5. toxic_cow (abandoned)

    toxic_cow (abandoned) Lover of Bacon

    where is your donation place anyways?
  6. dunkeroni

    dunkeroni Retired Melon

    As I recall, just down the East Road in Build. It's right outside of the protected zone, whichever direction it is.
    Tell me if you find any big holes in it, people do that for some reason.
  7. toxic_cow

    toxic_cow Just a cow Staff Member


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