Gandhi's Ban Appeal


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Hi there,

So a couple days ago I got banned for grieving. I want to say that I am really sorry, it was my first time playing the game and I didn't know the rules to the server. I was walking around trying to find some friends since they were teaching me how to play and I gave up on looking for them. So I started gathering resources and didn't know that they were someone else's, and I apologize for that.

Again, I am very sorry as it was my first time playing in a server.

I'm hoping that I can be unbanned for what I did.


Retired Plugin Admin
Thanks _Gandhi_, Your ban appeal will be reviewed by the Mod Team and we will get back to you once we've reached a decision. It may take 1-3 days so please be patient and be sure to check back on your post every now and then in case we have any questions for you.


Retired Plugin Admin
Thank you for being so patient _Gandhi_. The moderators have reviewed your ban appeal and we've decided to unban you. We'd like you to not break anything that doesn't belong to you as it causes problems for yourself and we can always find it. Please be sure to read our rules either from our forums or in-game by typing /rules. We'd like you to keep yourself out of trouble. :p

Please enjoy the server and I'll see you on it later.
Have a nice day.