"ghost" bug :(


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So apparently the new patch with mobs has brought a new bug. If you get close to dieing but don't die, sometimes you'll get stuck with 1 heart left and become a "ghost".
- Other players cannot see you
- You take no damage. Not from mobs. Not from falling. Not from lava. You cannot die.
- You can still break and place blocks.
- You cannot pick anything up.
... and here's the really bad one....
- You can harm other players and they can't even see you.

This is pretty horrible. There does not appear to be any reliable way to get out of ghost mode. I logged out and logged in 3 times and was still a ghost. Then I logged out and took a break for a bit, logged back in, and I was back to normal. So maybe just logging out and waiting long enough fixes it.

Anyone know if this is on Notch's radar? If it doesn't get fixed I'd go as far to say that MP with damage turned on is unplayable. :(


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RED confirmed that this IS on Notch's radar, and that he is coding for it at this very moment. Hopefully a hotfix will be released soon.