GIVE THANKS.. and some words of advice.


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Some words of advice, for the day that’s coming, the feast itself, the long hours of fellowship with family and friends, the unexpected issues (man, it looks like it’s going to be cold in the northeast tomorrow!), the guests who arrive early or late, the turkey cooking too slowly, too fast: Everything is going to be all right. Thanksgiving is what it is. Only YOU know what you planned, if you skip something or forget something, no one will know. Just breathe and let the holiday wash over you. Do your best with love and intention and nothing will be less than exceptional, I promise.

Remember to give thanks, for the things that bring you joy, family, friends, blessings. Be thankful too for the small things.
I filled one of my bird feeders this morning with a mixture of seed and small bread bits warmed in bacon fat. My Mom used to do that. Before I had the door shut all the way a young squirrel had hopped up on the bird bath next to the feeder and lunged for the feeder. He didn't quite make it, and dumped the whole thing. I am thankful I have so many small birds that are happy to hop around the patio for their breakfast.. there was a swarm of them, out from the bushes and parts nearby, several kinds and all happy to eat together. The larger birds, like the blue birds and Stellar Jays often hoard the feeder like it was their last meal.

What things are YOU thankful for ??


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I'm thankful for my son. He has shown me unconditional love and the unbelievable ability to forgive and forget. Yesterday, I found a note he'd written almost a year ago, which was folded into a paper airplane with a note under the wings that says, "unfold hole paper." I smiled... for a long time. As I opened it, I wondered how long had it been, and what was written. Then it was before me:

Dear Pa,

I love you with all my heart!!!
At least to listen to me help me choose the right.

love, Austin
He added his signature at the bottom. Needless to say, I had an emotional reaction and left him a nice note for him to find in the morning.


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I'm thankful for the people in my group at "school". I started this program in October for youth who are having troubles with self confidence when it comes to job skills. Despite having my BA, I'm still finding a hard time squeezing into the job market (well more so that the self doubt held me back from trying). I was scared to attend, and was terrified that I might meet people whose life paths are far different than my own. And I was right. However, this was an amazing thing like I never expected. All of our individual struggles led us to this program in hopes of building the confidence in ourselves necessary to become successful. We became one anothers network, support group, and most wonderful of all, legitimate friends. There's something special about sharing a general experience with other people that creates a bond like no other. We all knew poverty, anxiety, fear about tomorrow..
And today I am thankful for the other 12 people I spend every week with in class. I am thankful for the trips we take on pay day to thrift shop, to get sushi, to laugh and relate. I've made 12 genuine friends that I never would have had, if I had listened to myself and missed the interview for this program. I am thankful for friendship.