Gordo's Application


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I would love to build for you guys i love building and once im in the mood (High) i can keep goin and going.If its ganna be Tron based I LOVE THAT MOVIE iv seen it several times.
This is my little house on build.(enjoy)



Retired Plugin Admin
Thank-you for applying for Builder status on our Creative world.

The mods have decided to Approve your application. You will be upgraded by a mod in-game shortly.

Please remember to follow all creative rules and ask a mod to remove any structure you do not intend to finish. Not doing so could lead to your Builder status being revoked. If you are building in a city make sure you check the rules and allowed building materials of that particular city.

We think your skills are -
  • Good with large buildings.
  • Good with exterior design.
We appreciate the time you have taken for your application, have a nice day :)