Grantcop2 and Stevie_Bird

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Not griefing or thieves but nowhere else to put it.
8/04/11 5:10ish NZ time the following discussion was had on the build server whilst discussing a school camp:
Stevie_Bird: Yer there were girls there and hot ones 2
Grantcop2: xD Nice
NZ_Forever: Stop objectiviying girls (bad spelling I know)
Grant: Stewie you know theres a girl here
S_B: Good for her
NZ: Grant your guilty too
Grant: xD i said it wasn't school like (prior to this)
Grant: Whats wrong with that?
NZ: You were supporting him when you said xD Nice
Grant: I wasn't supporting him
Grant: I was laughhinh (actual way he spelled it)
Grant: Am I not allowed to laugh?
NZ: You cant laugh at the objectifying of women
NZ: I shall report this
Grant: Dude you take things to seriously
Grant: Who said he was objectufying? (actual way he spelled it)
Grant: Actually I think some girls would like to hear that
NZ: Well I do't Grant so stop it.
He then stopped but I would also like to point out he was kicked earlier for his language.
Just like to put this out there.


One of the "original PvP terrorisers"
The sexist objectifying of the girls. Sorry, but my parents bought me up to respect everyone INCLUDING females so i'm I bit disapointed that you don't see anything wrong with it :(


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I respect females a great deal. Saying they are hot is a compliment, not an objectification. It might be offensive to a strange minority of women, but most would absolutely love to be called hot/beautiful/gorgeous/etc.


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Yeah, this isn't that bad, Grantcop2 earlier that night, insinuated I was gay told me I was gay, said I liked little phalluses as well as a multitude of other things, 1337phreak was on when this happened so you might want to consult him.


Oh don't take ALL the credit for that, Frothing. I helped convince him of that. However, I do think he needs a serious talking to/temp ban. He was a little rude when I was on, too.


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i actually think i was there and i had a little giggle (im a little dirty minded but would not do anything on the server) and i was also pretty sure he said that because of the way frothingluck behaves towards wombatus. i am paraphrasing here but they say stuff like "my little frothing" or "maybe we should run to the others server". im 12 and it creeps me out like crazy. also i do disagree with NZ. im sorry but i do. and i too think women are as you say "hot". im 12 and thats just the special age for that feeling. and i called a girl hot at my school and she said thanks
i did that with 10 people and only 2 slapped me! i think he shouldn't have anything happen to him. i actually think he's brave.
im sorry if anyone takes offense to my comments and if you do plz tell me and i woulld be happy to personally apoligize


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thanks sgt it took me like 2 weeks of planning on who to call hot and then i guess my plan wasnt perfect. OUCH!:doh:


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it hurt like crazy too. it was so hard picking out the nice ones yet they still hit me :doh::doh::doh: and one of the girls i didnt call hot was like :sozo:and all the boys were like :lachen:


One of the "original PvP terrorisers"
Watch out Spartan, you've got competition :eek: Make sure stary isnt 'working late' or taking yoga classes :coffee:
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