Griefed again!


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This is UpChucked. I'm sure some of you have seen my house by the survival spawn and well.. I get griefed pretty much everyday ><

This one takes the cake though. Someone ( Or multiple people ), destroyed pretty much my entire bottom house as well as parts of my other two houses.

I tried asking a mod or admin but they were busy or weren't on while I was online. So if a mod or admin is free, if you could restore my houses and ban the griefers, that would be greatly appreciated!

Montyalbo and Awesomejar456 are my cousins so if possible, please don't ban them :cool:


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if they are your cousins and grief you they probably should be baned. they know the rules. and if you get griefed so much move away from spawn. i could help build a house, and maybe set up an alarm.


Slightly Different
oooo did not think of that. i should have asked how recent. (remember when spawn went down by lightning? also got any screenshots i could see).