Group Management


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You need to create a hidden section section for Mods/admins for us to make notes and discuss mod related things.

Also should have a VIP group that differentiates our paid VIPs over regular members. You can enable/disable features for groups to give them certain perks on the site as well if you want to extend it out-of-game. May/May not help activity on the site :D

So it would be (my suggestion)

Site Admin
Global Site Moderator
Server Moderator

Regular (need a more appropriate name)
Visitor (or no grouping)

The two in blue you may or may not want to combine. Each could have their own specific duties that I can list if you want to know about what can be done with that.
I've either run or created a clan/corp/group over the past decade so I can go the whole 9 yards :p


Just some ideas for names

VIP = Premium Member
Regular = Members

Yea i have done a lot of this stuff too :p


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Hmmm... doesn't look like I can change the name for the "Registered users" group, and I can't auto-assign a group to someone as soon as they sign up either. :(