Have You Ever


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This is a game called Have You Ever, HYE for short. Here is how you play. Person 1 says, "HYE Rolled down a hill?" That would start of the game. Person 2 has to answer the question yes, no, ECT, and also gives another HYE question. Person 2 says,"No. HYE Eaten Ice cream?". Then Person 3 answers and asks, person 4, 5, 6, and so on and so forth.
Keep it clean/ pg please.
Keep it non-violent/ pg please.
Funny is OK.. Good.

I'll start:

HYE eaten a fried worm?


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No, not sure that I would given the chance.

HYE Killed an animal on accident then felt horrible about it.


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Nope, sometime in the future it could be a possibility.

HYE played minecraft for 24 hours straight? *don't worry, I haven't*;)


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No, I want to go to Germany though....(They have like 200 different kinds of sausage!)

HYE Been a one man mosh pit?


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Yes :)... wasn't quite successful though ._.

HYE killed Sergeant Johnson and found another one right behind you? happened to me..


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More than I like to admit. Eventually had to finish Language Arts for the rest of the year in the Office at my school.

HYE smelled your fingers after sticking them in your belly button?


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Yes, I'm pretty sure I bit into a apple

HYE Pretended to be a fish when you were on a trampoline (Its quite fun when people are jumping)


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I haven't, but that sounds interesting.......

HYE Wanted to punch someone in the face....and then you regret that you didn't when you had the chance?
(happened to me once or twice)


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Well... I've wanted to punch people in the face but I haven't regretted not doing it...

HYE Yelled at your computer because you died in multiplayer on minecraft and needed to get your stuff but your internet CRASHED (I hate it when this happens...)