Hello, i'm a MP noob


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Well i see this section of the forum is well used. I'm Mike. I found you guys after Sgt Spike mentioned the forum and the server, over on a car forum were both members on. I'm a multi player noob, but i enjoy the ability to jump between my single player save and a multi player game. Hope to meet everyone in-game. Ill probably be doing lots of looking around and observing and following at first, so i can get an idea of what everybody is up to.

Please let me know if their is any special etiquette or courtesy in-game that i should know about. Obviously i'm not going to steal your stuff or flood your dwellings.

Mike Jenkins


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Good to have you with us! I switch between single and MP as well, but mostly when MP is down :lol:
I really enjoy our server and the people (most) we have there. We just started a new map so we are still kinda getting our bearings a little. Find some people and put up a house or whatever you like :)

On that note, as long as it's respectful and you mind your manners (ie language) and so forth, everything is golden. This site is brand new so we are still setting everything up :oops:
But guidelines, rules, etc are forthcoming!

Again, it is nice to meet you and we look forward to building with you in-game!


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Welcome Mike! Glad to see someone made it from the MIATA forums. Maybe you and I can both convince Vargess to drive one... he hasn't budged yet though. :D