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Hi there.. I'm new to minecraft, and I'm looking for a good multiplayer server to wander around on and learn the ins and outs of.. see what it's all about. So I thought I'd try this place out.. nice to meet everybody. Every time I try to connect it says I'm not a premium user though.. is that because I haven't registered somewhere?


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Hello, hiro24! Welcome to SgtSpike's Minecraft servers.

Well, the message you are seeing ("not premium user") means that you have not entered a valid username+password combination into the login dialog of your Minecraft client. You only have such login data if you own a copy of Minecraft. The current price is 15 US$, and it can conveniently be purchased on http://www.minecraft.net via PayPal, neither of which we're affiliated with.

Once you have entered proper login data, this error message should not appear.

You can play alone without being logged in, but whenever you want to play multiplayer, the server asks the creator of Minecraft if you are a legitimate owner. This also has the advantage that people can't just change their names and come back after a ban.

I hope that you can get it to run. You have accidentally stumbled across a Minecraft server that I'd call one of the best in existence, even though we're currently having a very obnoxious lag problem (that we didn't have in the past three months I have been playing here).

We only use proper materials that we gathered from the world, there are no kits or anything, it's all real. You can (infinitely often) use "/sethome" to set a personal warp point for you that you can instantly teleport to by chatting "/home", and if you donate 15 US$ or more to this server (which entirely goes to server hardware/maintenance), you become a VIP player who gets three more personal warp points (like /home, can be freely changed at any time), also the ability to teleport to existing named public warp positions. And you would never get a "server full" message, because VIPs can connect at any time while regular players might get rejected if there are already many people playing at the time. (That error message is a different one than the one you were describing.)

The maps are now nearly 3 months old, and it looks like we're gonna keep them for a few more months at least, so any work you put into the maps isn't lost.

We have a build server (play.minecraft.cc) where you are immortal - but you still have to gather all the materials yourself (or trade them). And we have a PlayerVersusPlayer server (play.minecraft.cc:23456), where we have Monsters (incl. exploding Creepers) and where you can steal from other players and damage (though not destroy) their houses. You can kill people and take their stuff. Then you can get killed by a surprise creeper on your way home. Then you take revenge on the creeper by building a huge tower in which monsters spawn, fall into water, get dragged into lava, drop their stuff, and it all gets collected in one place while you watch the creepers burn. It's fun.

And we even have a Ventrilo voice chat server (connection data is in the box at the top of the page).

Come in and find joy!

Mind the rules (buildserver/PvPserver), though. Within the rules, you are free, and I wouldn't be playing here for three months already if it wouldn't be good. But outside, you are very quickly banned from SgtSpike's servers. This also means that you'll share the world with proper players, not people who grief/cuss/insult/harass. This garden is kept tidy.