Slightly Different
Hello I would like to introduce myself, I am silverzone2 of Canada, and I'd like to finally post here after about a year of being on this server ( I think I've been here for a year now, if not, 11 months). And I'd like to tell you about myself. I play mine craft, terraria and tf2 if the other two aren't up. I would like to learn about everyone on the server and when I was browsing I was thinking "hey, I dint have a thread on here" so here it is boys and girls! I like pvp, suck at building and am a redstoner. If only redstoner could go up walls. I am a trap artist with pistons, lava and pitfalls. No one can forget the classics though. Falling sand, block jump elevators( which are not allowed now) and I've recently learned how to make a piston elevator. And in build, I'll mine, make tall idiot towers and jump off them, farm melons and of course, run my obstacle course. It's fun and if any vip's would like to come to the obstacle course type /warp bank and go out the door way. Of course I have protection on the doors so I do not carrot you break the stone to get out. And for pvp I will start by saying, I do not scam! You can trust me thoroughly through anything, and I am pretty good at pvp, so I would be a good partner *wink*. Id like a partner in pvp. Survival, my specialty. I'm thinking of making a let's play series of mine craft. If anyone wants to join it get skyoe and add me on it so we can talk while doing the let's play. (skype name: jonah.holmes and my name will show up as Jonah) also if you read this whole thing you are a noble person to read my boring thread. Thank you.


One of the "original PvP terrorisers"
I'm noble!
Hi silverzone2, my name is NZ_Forever of New Zealand. I use proper grammer and punctuation as much as possible (unlike someone), I have a partner in PvP, heck I've got a group! (unlike someone) and I don't create boring threads (unlike someone). In all seriousness, I would welcome you to the server and the communtity. I would suggest you stop lying though, it's not a good first impression. (I am, of course, refering to the "I don't scam!" part)