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Hellow my name is adanfime. Known as "adanfime12" on minecraft. Well... I was wandering around the mc forums and found this site and thought I would register to it. Well... Im a Minecraft Livestreamer and I would like to become somehow the OFFICIAL Livestreamer 4 this site. I would stream the server and all that. I could bring ppl to this forums and to the server. I would really like that to happen, but I need to email SGTSPIKE to become fully official. So I need help for this to become real! :D



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Hello adanfime, glad to have you with us. ;)

Do you livestream any other Minecraft servers? Could you guarantee 24/7 uptime? What/where on the server would you be livestreaming from?

I'm not terribly familiar with the world of streaming video, but I'm interested!