Hi All


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Hi, I'm new to the forums and server. I spent a couple days checking it out and you really seem to have a nice community going with many active moderators.
I've managed to get a nice area set up already, and I'm looking to donate for a permanent spot when I find out if there are still slots open. Hope the server stays active for a while and Id like to hop onboard if anyones got some big projects planned. Lookin forward to talking with ya'll more. In Game ID Marine0r31



There are Reserved slots left :D
The Server is up 24/7 and is very popular and supported by a good community.
There are lots of big projects planned just ask around.
Your welcome to join our Ventrilo Server details are in the 'general server' discussion section


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Kiwinz pretty much hit all the good points, so I'll just say welcome, we're glad to have you with us! ;)


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thanks, just tried getting a spot, left a note in it with my game name, let me know if it went through