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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by cahiami, May 11, 2019.

  1. cahiami

    cahiami New Member

    My boyfriend Rhadae invited me to play on the server and i've met a bunch of you already buti figured i'd introduce myself here... the name is pronoinced Kaiah-Me .. but you can call me Kaiah. I might change my name later.. might not. IDK! Nice to meet you guys.
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  2. KittyAshlee

    KittyAshlee Builder Applications Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome Cahiami!! Hope to see you around the server!
  3. MsRowdyRedhead

    MsRowdyRedhead Cookie maker & sage Staff Member

    Welcome Cahiami!! Hope to see you around the forums!
  4. MountainDude23

    MountainDude23 Server, Forum & Warp Application Moderator Staff Member

    Howdy, Cahiami! Welcome, welcome, welcome! So happy to have you with us. And thanks for taking a moment to write to us and introduce yourself.
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  5. eaglestallon

    eaglestallon Server Administrator Staff Member

    Late to the party. Oh well. ;) Welcome Cahiami! It was good to be able to chat with you for a little bit in discord.
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  6. cahiami

    cahiami New Member

    Thanks guys!

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