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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by DiamiteGaming, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. DiamiteGaming

    DiamiteGaming New Member

    Hi I'm DiamiteGaming! I joined here yesterday but I didn't have time to post this! I am an 18 year old boy living in Ireland. I am happy to be here and I hope that I stick around this friendly community and become part of this really good server :)
    Hope to meet you soon,
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  2. MsRowdyRedhead

    MsRowdyRedhead Cookie maker & sage Staff Member

    Welcome to the community, and enjoy your time here Diamite!

    I have good friends in Leixlip and Dublin!
  3. DiamiteGaming

    DiamiteGaming New Member

    Thank you!
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  4. DaParaGoomba

    DaParaGoomba Member

    welcome to the community hope you enjoy things around here
  5. DiamiteGaming

    DiamiteGaming New Member

    Thank you DaParaGoomba :) I hope I enjoy it here too
  6. DaParaGoomba

    DaParaGoomba Member

    if you need anything just ask around most of us are very friendly and helpful and willing to help people out :)
  7. DiamiteGaming

    DiamiteGaming New Member

  8. BlueRazor71

    BlueRazor71 Blue Moderator

    Oh hey Diamite, welcome to CC! I've always wanted to go to Ireland, you're a lucky guy to be from there.. :D Great to have you on board..
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  9. DiamiteGaming

    DiamiteGaming New Member

    Thanks! It's really not good here haha :p Thanks for the welcome blue! I hope to meet you ingame soon!
  10. Anfasa

    Anfasa Retired Moderator

    Hey, I've been to Ireland, you're not allowed to say it's not good... :(

    Haha, or maybe I've been to the best parts only. Welcome to CC Diamite?
  11. DiamiteGaming

    DiamiteGaming New Member

    Haha thanks Anfasa! Everyone seems friendly here so I plan on sticking around for a while :D
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  12. JooBallz

    JooBallz Happy Little Gumdrop

    Hey Diamite! We spoke briefly yesterday :) Glad you're enjoying the server! Hope to see you around
  13. DiamiteGaming

    DiamiteGaming New Member

    Thank you! You seem really nice and I can't wait to be friends with you :)
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  14. MountainDude23

    MountainDude23 Server, Forum & Warp Application Moderator Staff Member

    Happy welcome to you, DiamiteGaming!! I hope to see you around and get the chance to lend a helping hand.
  15. KingGreg

    KingGreg New Member

    Welcome. I look forward to playing with you.

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