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  1. DatMooseGamR

    DatMooseGamR New Member

    Hello minecraftcc :) Here is a poem :
    Roses are red,
    Violets are violet,
    Not blue

    2/1 would poem again ~ IGN
  2. MsRowdyRedhead

    MsRowdyRedhead Cookie maker & sage Staff Member

    Welcome to the community, and enjoy your time here!
  3. crypto4coin

    crypto4coin Sponsor [prev lvl1 mod]

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  4. DatMooseGamR

    DatMooseGamR New Member

    Why are violets called violets even though they arent violet?!
  5. eaglestallon

    eaglestallon Server Administrator Staff Member

    A very good question, but welcome to the place known as MinecraftCC :)
  6. MountainDude23

    MountainDude23 Server, Forum & Warp Application Moderator Staff Member

    Why do we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway??
    Welcome to MCCC!

    ... by the way, I've had moose before but I promise not to bite when & if you approach me. Cheers!
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