How can we stay G-rated?

Ummm I was with NZ_Forever the other day and we were wondering how the server was going to stay G-rated with the introduction of animal breeding. It just seems a bit off when you think about it. If parents want there children to know about that stuff, they will tell them themselves. The children shouldn't learn by playing on our minecraft server. Thoughts?


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You honestly don't think that 10-12 year olds won't know by now?

Besides, there's nothing we can do about it, it's part of the game.


You feed them wheat, they bump into each other, and a baby magically appears. That definitely sounds realistic.

I don't think we have anything to worry about...


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I believe this is splitting hairs when it comes down to it. All children should be supervised by there parent or legal guardian, when playing games on the internet. I don't see how giving animals wheat to create more animals is offensive. I believe it all comes down to how you view the game. You would of had a better argument about the G rated aspect, when we had to kill the sheep to get new ones to spawn for more wool. If anything I believe the game has become more g rated than before.


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At their age some of us were breeding some chocobos and they are normal adults now :)

Honestly I don't think it's so different of an Harvest Moon or an other game.

For me it's more weird to let them play to the Sims, and I'm sure they already try it with the benediction of their parents.


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How is feeding wheat to an animal less g-rated than slicing and dicing said animal with a stone sword for food? Or slicing and dicing other players, for that matter?

That said, we're never going to alter the game mechanics for "g-rated" purposes. If it comes with the game, it stays in the game.