How to: Chest protection


Hey guys

So recently the admins and mods have been setting up a new update for the server. This update has many new features towards the server to help maintain the server in a anti-grief fashion.

One of the new features we have is chest protection!:).

"So how do I do this?":

To begin to protect your treasures of minecraft you need to:

1) choose whether you'd like to make it: public, personal or used by a group of trusted friends.
/chestprotect 1 is used for public
/chestprotect 2 is used to make it personal
/chestprotect 3 (name of friend) is used to share the chest. no brackets!

If you are making a large chest (2 chests together) you have to do the command for each one you lay. i.e. command -> chest -> command -> chest = protected large chest.

2) Use the command given above to start the protection THEN you place the chest; its vital that you use the command BEFORE you place the chest. Your items are now safe!

If you have an existing chest/s before this new update was applied it is suggested to make a chest next to your existing chest and transport your goods. Then you can pick up your existing chest that it now empty and use the commands above before replacing it again. All you gotta do then is transport your goods back over again to your protected chest and then your done!

I believe Vargess is making a big post about the new update features so I decided to make an early post about this single feature to get this protection known quickly to all players on our server to lower the chance of being griefed.



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hey, since the new server version (10 nov.) , my chests permissions keep disappearing, i know that it was supposed to happen once from the old version to the new one, but since that time they have disappeared at least twice after i replaced the chests.
my question would be , happening only to me or everyone?


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Mine are all still set to private. I think I had one chest lose its protection once before, but that is the extent of my problem with them. I have heard several people complaining about the protection disappearing however.