How to: Fix sound that crashes Mc


Hey guys

So I recently was researching a fix to my sound and music within Minecraft. Everytime I budged the meter it would instanty freeze then crash the game.

So here's how to fix it:

1) Go to the 'Start Search' when you press the bottom left windows button
2) Type %appdata% and press enter
3) A window will pop up - Now find and open the Minecraft Folder
4) Then open up the 'Options' folder
5) At the top it will say Music: 0.0
Sound: 0.0

All you have to do is change them both to 1.0 (This will make your sound and music ingame be at 100%), so watch your speakers! Don't forget to save the file to keep the changes you have done.

And that's it! You now can go back in-game and change the meters on sound and music without any problem ^^

Have fun!