How to get your stuff back from the furnace


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The furnaces in SMP are glitchy, that's sadly normal.

When you click on a furnace that is burning or is already burned out, sometimes you don't get to see what's in them (which is especially bad if the furnace is burned out).

If you believe that the furnace you're dealing with contains something - but it doesn't seem to have anything in it - do this:

Make a torch on the floor in front of the furnace. Destroy the torch. Look in the furnace. Another method would be to make a dirt block at the furnace.

I'm not sure what exactly the trick/problem is, but I assume that the solution is either a build event close to the furnace or something that causes the furnace orientation to be recalculated.

It does not always work, I think, but I am very sure that I have had successful furnace access many times after trying this trick, too often for it to be a random coincidence.

Another method is to just access the furnace and wait 1 or 2 seconds. Sometimes the content appears suddenly. And you can try this several times in a row. But the build trick is most promising, I believe.


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I'll have to give this a try. I wish I had known this sooner, I've lost countless stacks of coal in these things. :S


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Here's my findings on the matter: If I can't see anything in the furnace, just keep madly clicking on it (going in and out of the "furnace" dialog) until I do see my things in the furnace. It always shows up eventually.


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So far I've taken the tactic of encasing it in lava before repeatedly hitting it with my pick, and finally maniacally dancing on its grave. Does it work? No but I feel better. :D