How to: prevent your Minecraft program from updating


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When you start your Minecraft client and properly log in, it automatically downloads updates if there are any. Even though Notch realized that forced updates are a bad idea (as he wrote in his blog a few days ago), he hasn't gotten around to investing the 30 minutes necessary to implement that the user is asked if they want to download the update or not. Or the 120 minutes necessary to implement on in the preferences section an early adopter option and in the Minecraft client the necessary little changes.

So sadly, we are all forced to accept the broken stuff that Notch so recklessly casts upon 700,000 users. Or can we somehow prevent the clients from updating themselves?


Thanks to a reply by PeabodyJFranklin in the official Minecraft forum, I could easily prevent my client from updating.

How to prevent your Minecraft program from updating

The "version" file in the "bin" folder in the ".minecraft" tree (that you can easily get to on Windows by running the command "%appdata%") needs to be the new one. The Minecraft program doesn't care if the rest is old.

So, before you update, backup your ".minecraft" folder tree (or at least the "bin" folder within, just copy&paste it where it is, a renamed copy should then be created). Then start the program and log in to receive the update. Then close the program again. Now you have the new stuff incl. the new "version" file.

Then delete everything in your "bin" folder EXCEPT the "version" file. And copy the old files into the "bin" folder (except the "version" file again, of course). Start the program and log in: It will not update even though it is now old. Now connect to Minecraft servers that also have not been updated, and play! (Minecraft server updates have to be performed manually.)