How & Where did you discover Minecraft?


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I am curious to know how you found out about MineCraft. So how did you find it? A site, a friend, email, you tripped over it..

I for one, found it through a news article say 3 weeks or more ago, via a computer enthusiast website
It was a free weekend deal as the creator was having an issue with his server and stuff. I bought it within an hour of that ending :D . Have played everyday since.
What about you?


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I also heard about it on, I started about 10 days ago....completely hooked....losing a lot of sleep.


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Been playing since last fall... September-ish? I just remember seeing a classmate playing it next to me in class, and went... :?

Then, after trying it, I was hooked. Ran a creative server for a while, but then school took priority and I had to concentrate to get that last term finished up. This one'll be permanent. ;)


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My extremely nerdy friend "fat-dan" posted a yt video of his house in minecraft. My first impression "WHO THE HELL WOULD PLAY THAT ****?! Fat dan of course..." but then I saw a related video called "Earth" and then saw an article on Kotaku and thought I'd try out alpha. It was interesting, like legos, but the griefers were annoying, yet they added a nice element of fear to the game that made it exciting to hide your base. I'd really like minecraft if it became more sim-like. You know, expanded on the farming, house appliances, quests. That'd be neat.


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Saw my brother, Hei2 playing it on his computer. My face when I first saw it ------> :lol: My face nowadays -----> :shock:


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I read an article about MineCraft in the latest edition of Game Informer. That sparked my interest, so I looked it up on YouTube to see what it was all about. The videos closed the deal.


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reddit. There's a whole community on reddit dedicated to minecraft. I saw the basic minecraft video with the minecart, and it didn't look interesting at all. Then, I starting seeing more and more content which pulled me in.


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Haha, me and Crawler go WAY back. I think he was one of the first to join my creative server when I first started it too... ;)


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I'm with kiwiz :D Seananers is one sexy gentleman. Last vid was gutbusting. The Nether on hardmode is some scary shiz i'll tell you that lol


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Well, it started when a friend of mine downloaded a pirated version (so to speak) of minecraft. A very early version I recall. The game didn't give me any good first impression, but I figured I'd watch him play it a little more. Then I too downloaded the pirated version, and got addicted immediately.

Anyways, it all ended up with 7 of 11 in the class buying the game, while two more are playing the free browser version.. I also fear one of them quit school to play minecraft.. Or something.. Haven't seen him in weeks. >: