HowTo: deal with the inventory bug and item duplication


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Currently, your Minecraft inventory has a bug: When you log back on to the server, you might have an extra pickax (or something else).

This item will be in the right-most lowest-most inventory slot (directly above the tool-belt). What item it will be depends on what item was last selected in your tool-belt when you logged off. Or it will always be the first tool-belt item, I am not sure. I think it's the former. Also, the time-frame seems to be at least several hours or a day: If you leave and come back quickly, everything will still be as it was before.

Do not keep relevant stuff in that one inventory field on the far right, far bottom, above the tool-belt, when you leave the server. It will probably be replaced by something else when you come back.

If it's just a torch (Only one of a stack of items is duplicated into that slot, not the full stack.), then whatever. Put it to your other torches and keep mining. But if it's a diamond pickax or any other non-trivial item, you should destroy it. Throw it into fire/lava or leave it in a hole where it'll be gone soon.

Do not give an extra diamond pickax that came into being like this to a guest player crying for a pickax or to anyone else. Do not use it to pay someone. It came from nothing, it shall return to nothing.

The goal (once the bugs are gone) is: Every piece of tree trunk in every chest in the whole world must have come legitimately from this world (or brought with you from a previous one). If you need more wood, you have to plant saplings and wait for the trees to grow. If you don't have saplings, you have to travel to distant areas to find them. If that journey takes you across a huge body of water and you don't have enough wood left for a boat, you have to accept this drawback - and next time when you handle your wood reserves, you might be more careful. Everything gets more important this way.

This is not Minecraft Classic. This is Minecraft Survival. The big difference is purpose, meaning. If you could just think your awesome castles into being, they'd still be awesome (though probably less), but every other aspect of the game (and there are plenty, last time I checked) would be lost.

We don't care about dupers who ignore the subtle experiences. Players like those don't matter to us. They get banned, and that's it.

We care about the others, the ones who enthusiastically have in mind the plan to gather some more wood and dirt even before they reach their computer. We have to protect them from those who bring conjured materials to the world, risking to poison the experience for other players. And we have to protect them from experiencing: "Uh, the house I worked so long for, it's nothing compared to that awesome palace someone built." Ye, but that palace was made by a hacker/duper/etc. You see - it distorts the Minecraft reality, the meaning of things. We will not tolerate this.

And if you accidentally duplicated something - well, if you find diamonds, it makes you happy, it's a reward. But if you just conjure diamonds into existence, this aspect of the game is lost to you.

Destroy everything duped. Click slowly in chests to avoid accidental item duplication/deletion. Beware of the last inventory slot when you leave the server.

Keep the Minecraft reality wholesome.