HowTo: use texture packs with the new Minecraft function


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Since the update yesterday, we can officially use texture packs. But from what's going on on Ventrilo, people haven't yet understood how it works / texture pack makers haven't yet adapted to the new situation. Short version:

The texture stuff must be in the ROOT of the archive, and the archive must be a ZIP file.

Take the painterly pack, for example: Umm... I just downloaded it and wanted to take a screenshot of the Minecraft-unfit ZIP directory structure inside. But guess what: Surprise. It is now in a proper format.

Yesterday, there were two folders ("Skins","Alternates") and a readme inside, and the new Minecraft can't use that as a skin ZIP pack.

Now, the texture stuff is directly at the root (so you directly see it when you open the ZIP file), the "Alternates" folder and readme are also still there, they don't hurt. From the current painterly pack readme:

1. Using the built-in utility in the Minecraft game itself, open the minecraft texture folder, and place the Painterly Pack zip into that folder from wherever you've stored it.
2. Select the Painterly Pack from the list of texture packs.
3. Enjoy!
This is a screenshot of the ZIP contents:

The skin packs you can use with the new Minecraft have to have a structure like this. If you download another skin pack and the inner structure doesn't look like this (e.g. it is hidden in sub-folders), you have to repack it so that it kinda looks like this.

Actually, maybe just redownload your skin pack. People seem to be updating them now.