Hudy's Ban Appeal

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Annoying 13 year old.
First of all, this is not necassary.
I was mearly seeing if I logged on Oli's account if it worked. I don't mean to cause harm I was just testing to tell Oli if he needed to change the launcher. Why would I hack him when it was on remember password. You obviously must think I'm not mature enough to test something like this. Like I would go banning people randomly. If I wanted to get banned, I would have just left the server myself. Please read over this and realize that I meant no harm and please unban so I can play again on the server.



Retired Administrator
There was absolutely no need for you to test it. All you had to do was inform me privately - you didn't need to 'test' it. By logging on publically and saying 'lol im on oli's account' you made everyone aware that my password was up for grabs.

You are unbanned and have a strike. In the future think before you do something.
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