Hudy's Introduction ( For Newer Players )


Annoying 13 year old.
In case you don't know me, ( To be honest who doesn't )
I made this thread to represent myself in this community.

I'm obviously the most attractive blockman on this server.
I think Sgt. Spike adores me too much.
I like long walks on the blocky beaches of San Diego.
I make pointless houses everywhere I go.
I talk to much.
Don't take me seriously.
W8in likes to create Mob Spawners in the shapes of turds.
On the same note, W8in creates monuments of himself.
I'm a fan of cart rides.
I'll help you build if you want.
I'm usually not a jerk.
I like lemonade.
Hudy is pronounced Who-Dee
I post a lot on forums.
I'm Canadian.
Have a pet polar bear.
And ride through glaciers with it.
Also I like my beats fast,
and my bass down low.



xD Hey there.

I imagine you don't need the monster post, considering you've been here longer than me, haven't you?


Annoying 13 year old.
Yes, but again, new people might stroll through these parts and see this.