Hurune Glitch Abuse


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While on the PVP world, I was hiding in the upper level of my tower from Hurune and others. The room I was in was separated from the lower half of the tower by a trapdoor which I had closed. Hurune claims he lost connection on the ladder leading to the upper room, and upon logging back in he appeared inside the room with me. He then killed me, and I immediately called him out on the abuse of that glitch and demanded my items back. He refused to return what I dropped, and when I demanded them back one more time, he claimed that he threw all of the items in lava. This was clear abuse of a glitch and I believe action should be taken against Hurune.


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Hei2, he was in mumble when it happened, he explained what happened and yes it was abusing a glitch, it was unintentional so the item WILL be given back to you :p sorry about the mix up and thanks for the post.