I am really saddened with dead how CC has become.

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  1. crankypapa

    crankypapa Giggety!

    This is the very first server I have signed into. I have been a member of this server since that day. I have taken the time to build some cool builds and helped other players. I found playing on this server to be really fun. The community is what made it so attractive to me.

    I remember the first build I made. It was in Ocean View. It was a modestly small plot over water. So I decided that the sky was the limit. So I built an office tower to max height. Since netherrack was so easy to obtain I made it out of mostly netherrack. What an eyesore it was... I was welcomed even with my monstrous eyesore building. When I went around and explored the different worlds I came up with ideas...

    My second build was in Sandy. It was right off the shore of Sandy near the beacon. I built a very square castle that almost looked like a prison. Apparently where I decided to build, it was not very popular to the people that ran Sandy. At first they tried to claim I wasn't suppose to build where I was building I pointed out the rules of staking a claim (Apparently I took the time to read before playing. lol). They quickly realize it was legit and I compromised with them on the materials I used to build the castle to make them happy. Instead of using cobblestone I cooked it into stone and made stone brick. They were happy with this and even donated a double chest of stone to help me along.

    Along the way I became a much better builder and built some fantastic builds where I received many compliments from a lot of people. I made several friends on this server along the way as well. I decided to give back to the community by taking up building a public grinder. Which I initially had a diamond dispenser to let the public take a couple diamonds each day so they can build armor, weapons, etc. 90% of the diamonds were supplied by other players. Once the diamonds dried up, I turned it into a iron dispenser. Since I had an iron farm in a skyblock I built at survival spawn, I had tons of free iron I was able to give away.

    I met some really cool MODS and Admins along the way. They made the game play even much more fun. Yes we had bad players that came and went that would make the MODS have to mute, kick and ban them. I just chock that up to pre-pubescent teens striking out for the wrong attention. Some of then were fun to see get taken out by a MOD and some were kind of sad since they didn't either read the rules or understood them.

    GRIEFERS! OMG! How I hate them and so does everyone. I was very delighted to find about a great tool the MODS and Admins can use to roll back the damage. It was also wonderful that they could use the very same tools to find out who did the damage. Boom! Another one banned! We had griefers that came on to just see how much they can destroy before they were discovered and banned. We had others that would accidentally cause grief and learn the errors of their ways. It was always nice to see players learn and grow.

    SgtSpike... What can I say about the owner of this server? I just wish he would have been on more often. I know how busy life gets and I haven't been able to play that often any more myself. The little I learned of him and the few exchanges I have had with him, he is a really cool guy. I am very thankful that he took his time and resources to build a good Minecraft server. Sure, it is a little too much vanilla if you ask me, but that has also made it pretty fun to play one. If it is had all the bells and whistles as several of the other servers I checked out I don't think it would have been as successful as it was. Maybe add economy and the ability to buy tools with unbreaking 10 and other special items for real money would have been received well. Hint Hint Hint... :)

    Eaglestallon... My god. Talk about someone that is super cool. When I was a noob, seriously a noob, he helped me out in ways that he didn't have to. I remember the first thing he did that was a life saver to me. I was building in the nether making a nether fortress and I just about finished building the ceiling. The Ghast kept killing, pigmen chasing me, etc. Talk about a challenge from Hades or should I say nether realm. I lost so much along the way. The server had a hiccup and the world was rolled back to a backup made a couple hours earlier. Thus losing most of my work. Eaglestallon took great pity on this noob and lent a hand with rebuilding the fortress. This started an awesome dialog between him and me. We used to chat all the time on Skype and just have a good time visiting.

    JooBallz... What can I say? Giggety... I remember meeting her as a level 1 MOD. She was very cool then as she is now. I was thrilled to death when she made level 3 MOD. It couldn't have happened to a better player. We spent many hours in chat with other mods. Lots of fun. She is definitely someone you need to meet if you haven't met already.

    This has become way longer than I wanted it to be. If I didn't mention your name here it was not because I forgot about you. I seriously cherish all the friends I made along the way. Without everyone I would not have stayed longer than 30 days. I seriously hope I have made a positive impact on other players as well.

    This is why I am saddened to see this server do so poorly lately. What can we do to get membership backup? What will it take to make it popular like it once was? I seriously don't want to see it fade away.
  2. MsRowdyRedhead

    MsRowdyRedhead Cookie maker & sage Staff Member

    We have been discussing this in staff, but are most open to new ideas and suggestions.
    What are your thoughts about rebuilding the community??
  3. crankypapa

    crankypapa Giggety!

    Obviously the BTC deal is done and not coming back. It was a good gimmick to bring in new players but also caused some heartburn because we also got players that only wanted the BTC payout. I have been looking at several similar servers that are successful without BTC. I would post the addresses but that wouldn't be appropriate. The point is, I have a list of servers with over 1,000 active players online at any given time. I started questioning why? How do they maintain over 1,000 players at any given time? It dawned on me why the top servers I have visited have around 20,000+ people online at any given time. Right now just peeking, it has 26,592/35,000 players online. This particular server is a host to many mini games that are very popular and they happen to have their own staff of people writing plugins for the mini games. This is why they are unique and have so many people online at ant given time. Is this the right thing for CC? Probably not since no one is willing to spend time writing plugins for a server where they are not going to get paid to do so.

    So I started looking at some other servers that are similar to CC that are pretty successful. I'm talking 100-500 players online. It seems like players really like Prison. You have the ability to rank up, buy, trade, auction, etc. Also, people really like Sky Wars. You are basically fighting on sky islands, etc...

    I think something like the "Mines" plugin would go well and have a mining world with mines. This could replace the resource world. It would be easy to setup a handful of mines with the same ratio of blocks in a given world. Example, a 40 x 40 x 40 mine setup to yield cobble, stone, the different stones, diamond ore, iron ore, emerald ore, etc. Easy to figure out the ratio to set the mine up. go out to a freshly generated world and use world edit to pick a 100 x 100 x 50 area. Do a replace of diamond_ore with birch. It will tell you how many blocks changed. Notate that number. Do the same for the different blocks that you want to get the number for. Once you are done, a simple math formula of 100 x 100 x 50 = 500,000. Say you found 150 Diamond ore. The formula would be 150/500,000*100 = 0.03% for diamond ore. I have been playing with the mine plugin a bit myself to see how it works. Anyways simple solution to a resource world. Set up mines to get all the different elements someone may be wanting to mine and they automatically reset every 10 minutes or so. No need to worry about resetting a world every month and people losing their stuff because they set up a beacon to do mining. You can have different types of mines. For example, mines for non paying members, they get the basic mines that don't have beacons. As for VIP and up, you can have mines that have beacons to speed up mining built right in.

    I have tons of other ideas to help make the server better. Why not set the server up to make money? What? Yes, why not make it where you can charge for certain items, ranks, etc. If CC were to become successful enough with a decent income, then that income can be used to maybe pay someone to write plugins, equipment upgrades, better internet connection, etc.

    Obviously when I look at something, I look at it from a different angle then most people. I try to figure out how money can be made from it. Sure, have plenty of free stuff to keep it fun for all and attract new players. But for the smaller crowd that are willing to spend money, what can be offered to cause them to pay $5.00, $10.00, or more here and there for special perks?

    Example, in a prison server I know of, they use the different blocks for currency building. Emerald blocks happen to be the highest paid blocks. You as a player can pay $25.00 - $100.00 to get a personal emerald block mine. You rank up to better free mines to be able to mine them. They have OP Picks you can buy with in game currency. They have elite mines where you can mine and sell your blocks for a lot more money then the free ones. To gain access to the elite mines, you have to buy your member ranks. One place has many different purchasable ranks ranging from $25.00 - $500.00. They do 50% off sales here and there to get people to buy stuff.

    As for Survival vs Build vs Creative... Give the power to fly to VIP members in build. This will help make free members want to buy VIP so they can fly as well. As for Survival, no flight for anyone. Pretty much keep it like it is now.

    I have tons of other ideas and I am willing to look into any plugins on my personal development server so I can offer advice on how to set them up. You may not know it, but I have been playing with plugin development myself. I like a lot of the free plugins available but not too happy with the fact several of them don't have support for MySQL or MSSQL.
  4. KittyAshlee

    KittyAshlee Builder Applications Moderator Staff Member

    I really like your ideas Cranky! Many of them could spice up the worlds we already have! Like, replacing resource with the mines plugin you are talking about, and Prisons could replace the clans world?

    I have the wonder if the achievement idea that has been floating around can somehow fit in with the economy bit you spoke about in your first post.

    I'm a little iffy about the flying in build idea but honestly, I don't see how it would hurt build any since the player is already invincible while in that world. I can actually see this aiding players to create even more wonderful things if anything.

    One thing I love about MinecraftCC also that I don't think I've seen anywhere else, is that the creative world is not a free for all mess, but instead a really amazing showcase to anyone coming to look. Some servers give everyone a small square of land to work on (don't like this) or else the creative world is a big chunky mess that's been griefed and what not. It gives players something to work toward.

    These are great ideas imo
  5. SamuelStuhlinger

    SamuelStuhlinger i liek eggs

    I think all these ideas are great, but the only problem I can see with that is that some of that stuff might not comply with minecraft's new eula. If you guys could find some way around it then I'm sure it would work!
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  6. KittyAshlee

    KittyAshlee Builder Applications Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, when it comes to putting anything anything to buy, we will have to be extremely careful
  7. crankypapa

    crankypapa Giggety!

    Think about city plots. I agree that a small plot sucks and you can't get very creative. Here is the nice thing about city plots. They don't have to be 20 x 20. Think about a 50 x 50 plot system. Or even larger. With the plugin we can make any plot size you want. We can make 3 levels of free plots and larger ones charge for them. For people that like build, we can still have build.
  8. crankypapa

    crankypapa Giggety!

    As for the Eula, I would not worry about it. All the other servers that charge are not worried about it. Since CC would be such a small target it would probably never get a letter to stop it to begin with. I remember reading somewhere that Microsoft is not going to enforce that eula to begin with since they know it would hurt Minecraft and they are all about making money as well.
  9. KittyAshlee

    KittyAshlee Builder Applications Moderator Staff Member

    I know that space is a worry when it comes to adding things, so maybe we could also look at worlds people aren't using/replace underused worlds with something more popular. I don't think that we should take the Eula so lightly because if they so happen to come across MCCC and find it crosses the line, we risk losing everything. I'm sure we could implement something wonderful within the Eula that would please the community just as much
  10. crankypapa

    crankypapa Giggety!

    They would send a cease and desist letter. And if you don't comply you risk being taken to court and blah blah blah... Look at the high profile servers out there and they charge for for items, etc. But... If you sell virtual tokens, they are not illegal. If you allow people to use these worthless tokens to obtain items and/or ranks, in the server... See, you would have to have a policy stating no refunds and you can't change the tokens for any cash value, etc. Therefore you make the tokens worthless and technically you are not violating the eula when the worthless token are use to purchase items and ranks. I will go into detail later on how to do this without having any real issues with the worthless eula Microsoft is not going to enforce anyways. I am working on bullet list to post here soon. Trust me, this has been thoroughly thought out for over a year now. I saw this day coming when CC would be heavily hurt after the BTC has ended. That is why I have been taking over a year with this plan to suggest for saving CC.
  11. Inuuchiha

    Inuuchiha Meow Meow Meow

    I'm not comfortable violating the EULA but i think implementing these in ways that don't violate it would be awesome. I don't think we need to worry about making oogles of money of the server because if we increase our player count theyre going to probably be wanting the VIP ranks anyways so they'll start donating towards that
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  12. MsRowdyRedhead

    MsRowdyRedhead Cookie maker & sage Staff Member

    Agreed. We've always been careful to honor the EULA. But there are changes we can make that will certainly help.
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  13. crankypapa

    crankypapa Giggety!

    Think about this... If we come up with a way for the server to make money, the money can be used to upgrade the equipment, hard drives, etc. Also, use over 1/2 of the income to advertise the server to keep new players coming to contribute to the server. At that point, space wouldn't be a major issue. And besides, we can set the initial world boundaries to 20k x 20k and expand the boundaries as the worlds fill up. By then there should be enough money brought in to support buying larger hard drives, etc.
  14. MajorWumpus

    MajorWumpus Administrator Staff Member

    I'm not sure this addresses the underlying problem. Now that the BTC is gone, after years of mainly stressing the BTC as the draw to bring people to the server, this server has sunk back down to be like all the other servers out there. There's no draw, nothing to make this server stand out. Yes, I can hear the anguished cries of "the community" already, but that doesn't bring in new people. That's for the people who are already here. I'm talking about some game, some feature, some... something that someone browsing the bajillions of servers out there might fix on and come check out.

    Yes, some new source of money would help, I won't deny that. Better equipment, more storage, all good. Advertising more aggressively might help as well. But unless there's something on the server that makes it stand out and seem like a fun place to visit, AND once people show up they find more than 2 or 3 people online and are able to play and have fun, it's not going to change anything.

    That's what led to the whole achievements / teams discussion a few months back. Unfortunately, that idea was essentially turned over to a committee and seems to have wandered a bit.
    (Definition: a committee is when 20 people who all think "A" get together and agree on "B")

    I don't know what the answer is, maybe it's the achievement competition thing, maybe something else. I've certainly offered a few suggestions over the years.
    I'm not really involved any more, so I'll leave that up to someone else.
    My opinion, just focus on the fun first, and the rest is secondary.
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  15. MsRowdyRedhead

    MsRowdyRedhead Cookie maker & sage Staff Member

  16. MsRowdyRedhead

    MsRowdyRedhead Cookie maker & sage Staff Member

    We are well on the way to making some changes, Cranky. What are your current thoughts? Have you been on the server lately?
  17. Gibitul

    Gibitul Active Member

    (go ahead and skip this grey part if you don't want to read it, it's just outlining the reasoning behind my ideas)

    I know this thread is pretty old i dont really play anymore but i do care about the server because it represents my childhood. one of the things about CC that appealed to me when I first joined was that it was purely vanilla and was unique in the fact that there was nothing particularly special about it. It was the standard minecraft experience. while i did dip into other servers and play around with mods, and spent a considerable time on CC's tekkit server, I always preferred the vanilla minecraft experience. i'm sure many other people feel this way, and many people here feel this way.

    my counterintuitive suggestion, is that maybe we could do some more promotion of the server, but put even more emphasis on the fact that it's a vanilla server without any major changes to the basic gameplay. the fact that the server has lost players could simply be a sign that we aren't trying hard enough to get people to play. Also, and this may be a stretch, minecraftcc is pretty old and was made back before minecraft was very mainstream. At this point in the game I would say the main audience for the game was generally older people, as in 20+. As the game got older that age gradually started to move down and by the time the game was fully released (1.0) that age was around 10+. Now a lot of people who play it are 7+. So what I'm sort of getting at here is that the game is now aimed at young kids, and the (younger) people who joined cc back in the day have now matured.

    most of the huge servers cranky talked about are huge because they target minecraft's biggest demographic: young kids with short attention spans who just want to play some games with their friends.

    but it's not hopeless. just like the grunge of the 90s we can take advantage of this knowledge and market our server to the polar opposite demographic: somewhat older people with slighter longer attention spans who want to meet people build stuff, etc. (actually play the game the way it was "intended" to be played). we just need to be clear about who this server is exactly for, and people will go "hey that's what I'm like" and we will attract players.

    in theory.

    So my ideas:
    1. (my favorite) Start promoting the server more whilst emphasizing the following:
      • We are a community-focused server whose primary goal is to preserve the key features of the game that make Minecraft Minecraft. We have different play modes that take advantage of plugins and mods, but for the most part, our other worlds are vanilla (with the exception of chest protection and other convenience-based plugins).
    Maybe it's missing a few buzzwords, but I think it's a pretty solid mission statement but could still use some improvement.

    2. (very very unlikely to turn out well, and could drive current players away) Or we could take a different route and start marketing to young kids. To do this we would have to emulate the features of those big servers that cranky mentioned. But we have a massive disadvantage due to the fact that they got in the market much earlier, so we would never get as big as them with this strategy. And any players that do join would be fleeting and leave very soon due to there being better options. Which is why I think it's poor strategy to try to jump on the bandwagon and market to the lowest common denominator of 8 year olds.

    Just my two cents. havent played the game/server in a while, so i'm probably horribly out of touch, but let me know what you guys think. sorry if this is incoherent and riddled in drifting thoughts, it's 6:30 AM and i haven't slept​
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  18. BlackDeathEd

    BlackDeathEd New Member

    Wow.... that was alot...
    I completely agree with you Gibitul!
  19. BlackDeathEd

    BlackDeathEd New Member

    I agree with the token based system, I just dont agree with the ranks part, other servers charge money for ranks and we shouldk keep that. Maybe we could change the "ranks" to titles like for example I would become BlackDeathEdward The Montster Slayer ot whatever. But also take a look at Hypixel they are using this token system and its going very well for them, they have cosmetic items, pets, gadgets, etc. and people to strive after these tokens to try to get as many of these cosmetics as possible. So implementing a token system would also be very usefeul. We coud also be more focused on games like skywars or hide and seek but I feel like that would completely ruin the point of this server. I also think we should update our site slightly and make it look more modern and atrractive to the public and minecraft community.
    Those are just my thoughts on this "crisis" if you would call it that.
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