I found this in my old Build home:


Retired Melon
-Unworthy Lament-

We ask not for your riches, your power, your fame.
We need not be equals; we are not the same.

We desire no ration, though we hold only bone.
We want not the nothing that only you own.

We shall be a new, a class needing no might.
So why should our please bring in you fright?

You try to protect for what you have no love,
Thinking with it we will rise up above.

To us be it given, and until we shall sing;
Power to the people, and All Hail the King.


Retired Melon
Oh man, this thing was from like 2 years ago when FrothingLuck didn't want the white names to have Creative rights. Actually it was probably before then, I just posted it later. Either way, I forgot it existed.