I found this mysterious altar...


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Oh, this was that new thing that Notch was talking about... something about a sacrifice to the endergods?


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Well DrMad, you missed some pretty crazy stuff. I guess the clean up crew missed the altar. I told them we shouldn't have sacraficed them!


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Haha it was just something I made when I was bored. The spots are a single dollop of active redstone.


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1) Locate alter
2)Bring your friends
3)Ask them for the weapons
4)Use 35 potions of strength
6)Wait for 93 days and nights and on the 94th day hear their message
7)they tell you to vista them in the void to have cookies and tea
8)After the message realize you wasted 3 months of your life and all your friends.
9)Close minecraft.

Any questions?