i got a unfair ban someone unban me please and or atleast read it and then unban me


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hi there who ever there banned me you are a deouche for doing that!!!!
how did i get banned? I DONT KNOW aarg i hate bans without reason.. i went into the server and the first thing i always say is ''hello fuckars!'' and i did that once since i only logged on 1 time 2day i went into the pvp place and killed somebody and took he's items becaus its pvp and since its that it is allowed to rob people... then i went out but 2 people chased me and i logged off for 5 min when i tried to reconnect it said '' you are banned for reason''language'' visit something something for ban apeal... i cant see why i recieved this ban but its NOT FAIR saying ''hello fuckars'' the first time i log onto the server and getting banned for it isnt fair and not even if its ment for fun witch i said too few seconds after i told people it is my way to say hello... i hope i can get unbanned for this unfair crap.


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Alright so you're off to a very bad start so far. This is a G-rated server and I'm also going to have to ask you to watch your language on our forums and please be respectful if you want to even be considered for an unban. For the language rule, It's honestly up to the moderator online how many language warnings you get. Saying what you said the very second you log onto the server is the fastest possible way to get banned. You were not only swearing but being rude and disrespectful to the general public as well, which is NOT tolerated in the least bit.

Your ban appeal will be reviewed by the Mod Team and we will get back to you once we've reached a decision. It may take 1-5 days so please be patient and be sure to check back on your post every now and then in case we have any questions for you.


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The moderators have reached a decision and we've decided that you will not be unbanned. Due to your excessive swearing and disrespect to all players, we find you not fit for our type of community. We also checked your chat logs and you have been on our server before and you were fully aware of our language rules as you showed us in your logs.

Good luck finding a server more fit for you and thank you for stopping by our server and checking it out.
Have a nice day.