I hate it in online games when people say...


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I hate it when people in the chat say, "I'm bored." Really? You're bored? Go outside then. Go dig up real dirt instead of staying in an online game complaining about the game you're playing. Seems kind of counterintuitive doesn't it?

And really, if you're bored why tell us? Are we magically going to just stop what we are doing to give you ideas for a game you don't even want to play? I mean c'mon seriously. I know minecraft isn't as visually stimulating as MW2 or HALO, but don't complain just to complain. /rant


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I always dig up real dirt and punch trees along with some types of rocks when I'm bored.


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just for that, the next time i see you frothing, im going say im bored


(lakenanners.) Nuff' said. Just kidding. Or am I? Or am I just trying to confuse you? But what if I'm not? Or if I am?

Yes..... Anyway, I'm sure I'm not the only one who could make a looooong list of members, both VIP and non, whom I dislike. And I'm sure Frothing has a mod or two he dislikes, seeing as it seems all the mods target Frothing, XD

"Set phasers to stu- FROTHING."