I miss the days of yore


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Indeed, it was a great moment when we found that place. Wandering around the BOC HQ and Oli's lava castle of doom was nice.
Is build2 map still around, I'd kinda like to see that again :)


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I found the underground highway and followed it to the underground base. Amazing looking at stuff that hasn't been seen in a year. So much nostalgia on this map, I think I figured out what I miss about it, I miss that the whole community was on a single map, and there weren't many mod tools so we all had to be careful how we made things so people we didn't know couldn't find them.

It was a strange combination, basically a build map with almost no mod tools and very few moderators. But if we tried a map like that today I doubt anyone would play on it.

Found this that you made Coffeejunky, on the top floor of the underground base:


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Sorry, I meant that the current temp map is kind of like "the days of yore".
Oh, I agree. I actually like it this way, and it's easier on the mods as there is less to moderate, or less they're able to moderate. I'm not fully convinced that all players appreciate a highly moderated community. There are definitely some players that build things and don't want to worry about them every bring griefed or stolen from, but other players (like myself), like to have to worry about things a bit. I like having to hide my possessions, hide my base, and watch my back.

I guess you could say that PVP is like that, but it's different, I don't really know how to explain it. Maybe it's because you couldn't be killed, so you didn't have to worry about getting killed by people while you were digging a tunnel or trying to build something cool near spawn. It would be like survival, with stealing and griefing allowed...kinda. You couldn't allow griefing in survival because there would be no way to stop someone from destroying your stuff since you couldn't kill them. Meh, whatever, I'll probably just play the PVP map once it's not temporary, and that will get me as close to that old-school feeling as possible.