I scarceness to buy such a cat.


A grisled PvPer
SgtSpike said:
Rofl, best spam ever. We have to keep this....
At first I thought it was spam too, but after a second glance, I wasn't so sure.

Lol, indeed.


I'm confused...

This is actual spam or just someone who actually likes cats?

on the plus, it is a very adorable cat.


Lord Inspector of the Cupcakes
I know that cat... That's the icanhascheeseburger cat!

edit: It's everywhere on the interwebs! Just google it! :eek2:


Sentient Toaster
That's weird, the site told me that the most recent poster was the OP. Oh Spike, did you delete their post to make yours more recent looking? :lol:


Lord Inspector of the Cupcakes
For shame! The world will suffer, now that that the op's comments will go deleted!