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Dear Who It May Concern,

It was brought to my attention on April 2th, 2011 under the domain minecraft.cc a fraudulent quote was brought forth by the prosecuting party (Referred as client thorought). The quote is as follows:

"Frothingluck said: I love Hudyboy, I look up to him so much!"

While admirable, I can assure you sure that the client has made no such statement. The parent or guardian of the child under username Hudyboy will be held liable and will be persecuted under full extent of the law. It is under Federal Law in the United States under Section A 775.082 and s. 775.083. it is:

  1. "It shall be unlawful for any person or business entity to sell, offer to sell, or advertise for sale any term paper, thesis, dissertation, essay, or report or any written, recorded, pictorial, artistic, or other assignment which the seller or advertiser knew or reasonably should have known was intended for submission by a user, unaltered to any substantial degree.
  2. Any person violating the provisions of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083."

The client by law must inform the defendant that action has been taken and can be found at the nearest City Hall in the Libels and Suites department. The defendant is being informed, by law, that the client is taking full legal action against the defendant in a case of Libel & Slander and Defamation. The client and their lawyers will oversee an out of court settlement fee of no less than $4800USD. If the guardians of the defendant wish to proceed further into hearings a set court date will be sent within the next 30 business days. Under Federal Law of the Internet Defamation act of 1993 and according to the ruling in Roskcoe v. New York Times, the defendant is has within 4 days of the posted notice to remove said quote. The domain minecraft.cc is currently filed under a United States host and as such operates within specific guidelines laid out within the federal constitution.

Please reference Case Number #2063304821


Law Offices of Archiebalder J. Thoamston, III, P.A.
Jacksonville, FL


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I fail to see the relevance of the law.

Besides, you got the domain name wrong. Noob. :p


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Umm whats the point to this thread apart from a Spat between Frothing and Hudy???
Also DrMadFellow, how did you kick Vargess and not get banned :p


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Definition: a brief quarrel usually concerning petty matters. Couples usually have them *winks at Hudy and Frothing* :p