If you google search your name, what is the first image to come up?


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EDIT: TITLE should specify "screen name". So I googled "SgtSpike".

I have no idea why this one comes up... I do not know this person.



This guy.

Incredible ! whole first page is my work and creations trough time.

One thing i like is, the first picture to come up which ain't my work, is Captain Jack Sparrow.

EDIT: Forget that about jack, its some random guy with a big mouth, from Denmark.


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I broke the rules and used Bing. Google was too good at just bringing me stuff about myself and as flattering as that is, when you use Bing to search Frothing Luck this picture shows up:


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That's the first one :( (may he RIP)

A whole slew of the first page is mostly pc related :p Inuu's current avatar is on the 2nd line for some reason :o.0:
My Main Eve Online char avatar is 4th :laugh: