IJinksI's Ban appeal


Hello minecraftcc community,
When I log into minecraft, it says that I have been banned for glitching. I can only assume this is in regards to the attacks at Omega's base in PvP, and how I was able to get to them. I did NOT use any glitches what so ever to reach them. I was on my way walking to their base because I wanted outside of their base again when Drocks99(Not sure if the numbers are right) told me to tp to him. When I did, we were on the second floor of their base, Drocks told me that when he crashed and logged back in he was up there. I did not use any glitches, and I love this server way to much to do anything that would get me banned.
I hope I can get back on soon,


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what Jinks said is correct. he didnt glitch at all he was just there to kill.
i am sorry that IJinksI got banned for glitching when all he did was tpr to me.


Just wondering if my appeal was forgotten about, or if it is still under investigation because I haven't been told anything about whats going on right now and it's been about 3 days now since I posted this appeal. Sorry if I seem impatient, but I did wait about 3 days, and haven't even been notified that my appeal is under discussion.


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Sorry I have been away.

I'm going to unban you since you didn't actually do any glitching as far as we can tell and you have told us. However don't take that is we are saying you didn't do anything - you knowingly interacted and aided the glitching. Instead of informing a moderator or just ignoring it, you just let it go on. You will still be receiving a strike.