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This building is a self building / repairing house. When I say it's self repairing, I mean if the walls are damaged I can hit a switch and it will auto repair.

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View attachment 1586This is a picture of the building from the front, undamaged.

View attachment 1592This is a picture from the front of the building, damaged.

View attachment 1591This is a picture of the redstone iner-workings.

View attachment 1597This is an angled picture of the front/left side of the building, as well as the roof.

2011-08-14_10.55.15.pngThis is an angled picture of the back/right side of the building, as well as the back half of the roof.

This is the inside of the building.

This is the obsidian portal, located in the basement of the house.

The inside is still unfinished if that matters.



Let me know you you need/want more pics, and what pics you would want. I will edit them in later if needed.


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Can we see a picture with a complete building on it ? All we can see here is a wall and some repeaters, nothing creative, maybe it's super ingenious but we can't see it on this post.


Well it is kinda empty, but I submitted more for the redstone rather than looks, but even then I don't personally think this will cut it. I hope it does but if it doesn't then i'll just try something different.


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I have absolutley no say in it but I would pass this. Anyone can build something that is full and looks lovely but not everyone is so redstone capable. I say a empty, self healing house bets full pretty hut anyday.


There is water and lava above the redstone being separated by pistons, which is what the redstone is powering.


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Any chance using Fraps or some other program to show it working? If this works than dear lord that is creative and inventive. Your like Nikolai Tesla of Minecraft, perfect for pvp


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Thank-you for applying for Builder status on our Creative world.

The mods have decided to Decline your application. You may re-apply in 7 days.

Don't feel disheartened that we have declined your appeal, with some extra hard work you may be successful next time!

How you can improve -
  • While it is an impressive accomplishment with redstone, the house itself is rather simple and boxy, with not much internal or external detail. Theres not likely to be much need of a self repairing building in Creative what with there being no mobs and hopefully no griefers.
  • We'd like to see something more creative, with some nice detailing.
We appreciate the time you have taken for your application, good luck next time :)


Thank you all for your reviews of my building. I'm going to try and make this more visually appealing from the outside and inside. I'm also going to be working on another structure involving redstone that i'll ap with along side the revised self repairing house. Thanks again everyone