I'm gonna go...


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So hello all,

I have played this server since Alpha until the full release of minecraft. I've had the pleasure of seeing the server go from a small no teleporting legit build map to this great awesome community. I consider many of you my friends and none of you my enemies however, due school, work, being an adult and being in sort of a financial bind right now, I don't have the time nor resources to continue playing. Hopefully, this is temporary as I do want to see you all again.

I remember my first time meeting all of you and how much we've all chnaged since then. I remember meeting Sgt. Spike and the "Frothingtopia Fiasco". I remember when Loader was a mod, I've seen wombatus grow from a quiet french builder to Crazy French mod. I remember meeting Hudyboy and hating him at first and then becoming real close. I remember meeting PD my first friend on the server. The ridiculous arguements NZ_Forever and I have had. I've seen mods come and go, some staying longer than other. I will always remember meeting AlostMoneyG and Waki and Innu. All of the laughs, all of the idiotic drama, every memory of this server I have and I intend to keep. Thank you all for everything you've gjven me, I'll appreciate more than you'll ever know. I hope I've been as good of a friend as you all have been to me. So long, farewell and thanks for the all the

Yours Truly,
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We will miss you, Frothing. Come visit sometimes, you know I'll kill you if you don't. Just remember that you definitely will have a welcome place to come back to. Also, come on mumble sometimes, :p


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Don't be a stranger!

No, but seriously, I've enjoyed having you around (even if it doesn't always seem that way). Do come back once life calms down for you. :)


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You better stop by mumble every once and awhile at least! You'll always be welcomed back to the server when you're able to :)

See You Around!


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Not sure you care about my farewell but what the heck? :p

Farewell and good luck.

Keep rocking trolling.


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Hopefully we'll still get to play some XBox 360? ;)

No but take it easy, you'll always be remembered and welcomed on this server.


I'm back !
Frothing !! Noes !!
I will miss you.
I'll always remeber when I absolutely HATED you.
And Now you are my freind :p


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I'm glad to have met you Frothing. I wish you the best of luck in the future. I hope you can come back soon! :)