I'm sorry for stealing :(


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I'm sorry for stealing..
I'm new to minecraft and i'm currently working on a huge boat with 2 friends..
I needed some things so i decided to go to the spawn and search the houses.
I'm prepared to give the stuff back.
Sorry for the stealing, i hope u guys forgive me..
My 2 friends are waiting for me, and i learned my lesson.
( p.s my brother hitted me in the face for this :S )Foto op 24-04-2011 om 18.28.jpg creeper_love_by_slambradley-d336hio.jpg creeper_love_by_slambradley-d336hio.jpg Foto op 24-04-2011 om 18.28.jpg creeper_love_by_slambradley-d336hio.jpg

- Jurriaan95 ( survival )


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Thanks for the appeal... We'll get back to you as soon as we have an answer.


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Jurriaan, the mods have discussed your case and we have decided that you will be unbanned, however your inventory will be wiped as punishment.
Be warned the mod team were very close to denying this appeal due to the very large number of chests you opened! If you open just one chest that does not belong to you without the owners permission you will be permanently banned (we have ways of finding out what chests you have opened and will continue to check up on you).
The unban should take effect on next server restart, so please be patient :)