I'm (trying to be) back


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It's been a long time! Not sure how many old faces there are left around here, but I used to play on this server a long time ago. I'm giving minecraft a go again, but I'm posting this thread because I really need some help. Long story short, I don't remember my minecraft email or password, and trying to recover the email you used is quite impossible. Not to mention my minecraft account was made in april 2012, a.k.a pre migration to mojang account. If anyone has any tips or ideas that would be lovely! hope to see you guys on the server soon.


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This is a long shot, but sometimes works.
If you still have the same computer you played on, search the history for "minecraft" in the last year you played. Look for one that appears to be in game and click that one. You may be able to get in that way, and then change your contact info.
Alternately, use the same method to search for "email" and you may at least get the correct email.

Good luck, and great to see you again.