Im W8in!


The god of uselessness.
I am w8in. I have always been w8in, and on every game I play, I'm w8in. sometimes people ask me "hey w8in, what are you w8in for?" and the truth is, I don't really know. but until it's finally here, ill keep on w8in.

I'm not going to saying "hey everyone", because that's a little to in-general! instead ill say hi to a few people that i already know. (pointless thread much?)

so HI:

NZ_FOREVER, the first person to read my thread!

globey, sgtspike, mcxmammer, or1on, jov, w8in (oh wait that's me nevermind), PB(forgot-the-rest-of-his-name), tarashon, ultimateironman, PD400, lakenanners, and all the other people who's name i forgot! post here and ill add you to the list (probably)!

hopefully those sensible people around here can sense my personality, im pretty outgoing, and i am a good friend (I'm also w8in, but for what!?) i can be pretty random at times, but that's OK. (i think? :confused2:) You can trust me, and i will not ever jeopardize a person's trust or make them feel they made a bad decision in trusting me. Also, sometimes I'm serious, but usually I'm not. It is a game after all! mostly i try to have fun. well, I'm done making this thread, make sure you read it!.....Hmm, if you just read that then you probably already read it then! why am i even typing this!?