Is The Current build here to stay


No, the current build map is not going to be in the same spot it is in forever. Once 1.9 rolls around, or we're on more stable ground, a new PvP, Survival, and Build will be established to allow people to take advantage of the new terrain generation and biomes.


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No!! my brand new mob tower! my pride and joy! you cant.. just leave the mobs on for legacy survival, or I will /ragequit, say a rude word to my self and bang my fist against the table! you don't want that happening, right?


It IS a survival map, so I would think we should keep mobs on...

That, or move W8in's harvester to the new map...


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Actually, I should have worded my question differently, will I get a decent amount of stuff before 1.9 if I build a harvester?


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meh. im gana start fresh, the update deleted my inv so I'm gana plow through with it. maybe help people for goodies, on any world i guess.


The inventories are going to be linked between the current Build and Survival (which will be accessible through Legacy Lodge) and the new Build and Survival, as far as I remember.


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Either inventories will be linked between the legacy worlds (easiest for me!) or I'll have a transfer command like I did for the old PVP