Is there anyway to get free vip


New Member
Is there anyway i could get free VIP maybe by helping on the server alot or cleaning up all the griefs? or look for people griefing?


Site Admin & Server Owner
Staff member
Nope, sorry! You are welcome to help clean up griefing around the spawn, and I may give you a golden name for it, but I do not give out the VIP access for free.

The VIP accounts exist for two reasons. #1 is to support the server monetarily, so that I can continue upgrading it and proving a better experience for the players. If I gave away reserved slots for free, then I may not be able to keep up with the demand of VIP players on the server.

#2 is to provide trusted areas far away from spawn for the VIPs to build in, without fear of being griefed. If I gave away VIP slots, I would not be able to trust the VIP players as much as I do now. Anyone investing $15 into the server is bound to be careful to follow the server rules (although there have been a couple of exceptions), and I can trust them wholeheartedly. Someone who just helps to clean up grief, wouldn't be as trusted, as they have only invested some time into the server - something many players do anyway, then grief despite it.