It has been found.


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Easy to do on creative^ also easy on level 60 near surface lava^ f3 and chat would give more proof.


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haha, see, now thats better...only problem is that you whited out the best part! But yea, that definitely makes it easier to believe.


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actually u can. I've seen tall grass grow with bonemeal on dirt before. how ever if u show me the iron one with a torch next to it then i will believe you.


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Ive seen iron seem to glow before, I think its just the texture packs being weird. But.. once 1.8 comes out with the new lighting I don't see this being an issue. Really hope they get it out this week.


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Either Notch or Jeb said on twitter that Sept. 8th would be a good guess as to when 1.8 will come out.


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Can't wait, the 1.8 new terrain generation features are gonna be my favorite part about the update. I also wonder how NPC villages will work in multiplayer? On pvp we could go raid all the NPC villages :p


September 8th!? But I'll be drowning in my own tears of joy as I play Dead Island, how will I possibly play Minecraft!?