its dragonz102

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you just got your friends account banned by hacking on it, then you cursed in the shoutbox, then you advertised another server in the shoutbox. not the best way to get unbanned


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I personally don't like players that advertise other servers on ours, were banned before previously for swearing and disrespect, banned currently for hacking (on a different account), using a different account to join the server to hack with when yours is banned and also swearing in the shoutbox. I don't even know you, nor have I ever seen you before, and to me, You've started off very, very, badly. Clearly you knew the rules since you were here on this server before, but you outright broke them anyway.

Your ban appeal will be reviewed by the mod team and we'll get back to you shortly once we've reached a decision.


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We have discussed the matter, and due to the facts, including having been banned previously for the same general behavior, we have denied your appeal. Good luck finding a server that fits you. :thumbsup:


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Vargess said:
If you are not a participant, or do not know anything about the case please do NOT post in the threads. It is essential that we have a clean thread so that we may have all the information, and only the information we need to determine whether a ban should be removed or remain in place.
Secondly, IF you have something to add make sure that it is clearly written and that only information pertaining to the appeal case is posted. Comments about your view on the ban are not needed. If you feel you must share your view and thoughts on the ban, please private message one of the mods/admins involved.

Thank you.


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I removed the post from public viewing. Comments like that are unnecessary and unwelcome. Follow the statement FrothingLuck has quoted me saying.
Thank you for following up with my quote there. :thumbsup:
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